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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Collage making

On Sunday we made collages.
I gave the children some plain paper, different magazines and catalogues and selotape.

We decided that we should tear the paper and stick it to the paper with selotape so that Liam could join in, because scissors and glue might not have been very practical. lol
I thought that Liam would love tearing up paper and sticking selotape all over the place but he had no interest in it whatsoever.
I also thought that Emmie might find it quite boring just sticking torn pieces of paper onto a sheet of paper, but she actually loved it. She loved it so much that she made two!Unbelievable, complete opposite reactions to what I expected. lol
I have taken pictures of Emmies collages and was planning on taking a pic of Liams, but the two little bits of paper that were stuck on his sheet were pulled off straight after. lol

By the way, Roxie and Ariel were posted on Friday morning. It cost £1 to laminate them and then 72p each to send them first class, so it worked out ok. Not sure when they will arrive at their destinations but I'll keep you all posted. lol

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Emmies flats are ready

Well, Emmie made her flats today. We have flat Ariel and flat Roxie.
We are hoping to get them laminated tomorrow and sent off.
Ariel is going to Calhoun-USA and Roxie will be visiting Stockton-USA.

So, Emmie is looking forward to getting some flats sent to her soon.
Aaaaah, take one last look because they will be in the USA for a whole fortnight :-)

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Emmies christmas card making

Well today Emmie spent the day round Nannies making christmas cards. She really enjoyed herself and they have turned out really well. She has done a great job!  I will take pics of a couple to show you.

I also joined a 'flat travellers' site today. It seems really interesting. What happens is- you make, or your child makes a little person, animal etc out of paper or card. You then laminate it, stick it in an envelope with a small note book (journal), find someone on the board to send it to and voila. They send you theirs, you look after eachothers 'flats' for a couple of weeks and fill out the journal saying where the flat has been etc, then you send it back. You can send it back with photo's, pictures, postcards etc.
Meanwhile, the host family do the same with yours, so the little flats get to travel all over the world. Some people keep it all in a scrap book apparently, so we might do that. Or a folder, a different section for each flat.
Already we are going to make two. One is going to Calhoun, Georgia USA and the other is going to Stockton in California, which might then be taken to Los Angeles and Disney land.

The poor little flats that will be staying with us aren't going to have much fun, not unless they like bendy straws! We go, shopping, Nannies house, bit more shopping, erm.................back to Nans. lol
I think that I will keep the shredder unplugged while they are visiting, just in case they can't take the boredom and try jumping in! LOL

Still, sounds like fun and what have we got to loose?
I'll keep you posted.


Last drinking straw thing-honest!

Just had to share this with you. It's the armpit tuba.

This is the easiest by far. Take a bendy drinking straw, bend it at the joint to a 90 degree angle. Put the short end in your mouth and the longer end under your arm then blow!  Of course the armpit has to be bare, wouldn't work otherwise.

Now that's it-honestly. I'm not even going to look for anymore fun things to do with bendy drinking straws!!! LOL

Have fun and enjoy!!

Even more things you can do with a bendy drinking straw!!!!

This time we made a drinking straw propeller! LOL
Well, if you can make cool things like whistles we figured there must be more things you can do with them. And it seems we were right! lol

Did any of you try the straw whistles in the end? If so, how did they turn out?

“Simple is good. Simple ingredients, simple tricks, simple explanations - anything that saves one from having to confront the complex.

What you need:

  • Two drinking straws, bendy.
  • A pair of scissors, not bendy.

What to do:  

  1. Take one of the straws, and cut off the long end so you have about  four centimetres of tubing on either side of the bendy bit.
  2. Now bend the straw into a right-angle. Repeat the process with the other straw, but cut a slit in one end of it. Roll that end up, and slide it into the first straw to form a joint.
  3. Arrange them so you have a 'U' shape lying flat on a table, then rotate the joint so one end points straight upwards. Take a look at the picture if that sounds confusing - it's really very easy.
  4. Place one end of the straw contraption lightly in your mouth, and blow. With a little practice, it's possible to make the thing whizz around in a pleasingly silly manner, like some demented drinking straw propeller.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

The things you can do with a bendy drinking straw.

Last night Emmie wanted to know if she could make a whistle out of a drinking straw. Her and Daddy went into the kitchen to see if they could do it. They took a straw, cut some little holes in it etc, but it did not work. So I looked it up on the internet and found a great site which shows different ways to turn drinking straws into instruments.


So, we ended up making 5 different types of instruments. It's really clever actually, they all work and they do sound a little different to eachother.
I had fun anyway! lol

Friday, 20 October 2006

Romford today

Today we went to Romford with Nanny and Aunty Nadine. We had planned a trip to hobby craft so that Emmie could gets bits for making her own christmas cards.
We managed to pick up loads of bits and bobs. The cards, glue dots, stampers, stickers, foam shapes, punchers, tiny little 'snow balls', etc.
She is going to start the card making on Tuesday round Nannies house. It is easier for her to do it with Nanny, as I can stay at home with Liam and Emmie gets to create her master pieces without having to wrestle things away from her baby brother!

Anyway, we also done a little clothes shopping and of course-had a Macky Dee's. (McDonalds)
In Romford town centre we saw some, what looked like Red Indians (We now know they are Inca's), singing and dancing. It looked amazing and sounded pretty damn good too. We only caught the last bit of the song and they stopped for a break.
We were waiting for the performance to resume but it was taking a long time so we decided to do a little more shopping and come back. By the time we came back, they were just coming to the end of the song we had caught the end of before. LOL

This time we decided to sit on the bench and wait-however long it took. lol
When we sat down it 4.45pm, by the time they started singing again it was 5.15pm. lol Half an hour of sitting all lined up on the bench waiting. How sad we must have looked!!
Anyway, at first Emmie was shy of the men, all dressed up in their traditional animal skin outfits. One man had a type of wolf skin thing (including face) on his head and one other had some buffalo horns or something attatched to his head piece. They looked terrific!
Liam was completely mesmorised and just stared and stared. lol
Anyway, to cut a long story a little shorter, Emmie ended up fascinated with them. She loved the music, the way they looked, everything. Nanny loved them so much that she bought a couple of the CD's which they were selling. (Which Emmie now wants copies of)! LOL
We found it a little frustrating that people, mainly teenage girls I must say, were laughing at the Inca's, taking photo's of them etc but in a 'mickey taking' way. But such is life and people can be ignorant.
The sound of the music gave you goose pimples and the dances they performed were enchanting and spititual, it was a lovely experience.
Unfortunately the show came to a slightly abrupt end when a group of three teenage girls came along and began copying the dance, and thrusting their mobile phones into the faces of the poor men! They constantly harrassed and irritated the Indian men, touching their things etc. Emmie was quite upset at the girls behaviour, I don't think she could believe what they were doing. They really showed themselves up-big time!
Anyway, the girls would not go away and the final straw came when they started looking at the CD's, I'm not sure what they were actually doing but in the end one of the men told them to put the CD's down and go away!!!!!!

After that, the men started to pack away their things.
Mmmmm, Emmie really cannot believe how people can be so cruel and not think about someone elses feelings and beliefs. 'Welcome to the real world Em', how sad that children have to learn such things! 
Never mind, it's over now and no doubt the performers are used to idiots taking the pee out of them-just a shame that they have to be used to it. They are singing and dancing to entertain us and show us a part of their culture, yet morons find this funny and use it as a great opportunity to make their friends laugh by being nasty and awful!
Emmie now wants to be prime minister, she says she would punish people who do things like that! She's got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ant disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a big crisis yesterday.
We were in the kitchen and Emmie spotted an ant running about on the floor.
I said to Em not to worry that it's one of our ants because our ants are sealed in with a cling film lid and cannot get out!
Just to be sure, I checked the lid and 'Oh no!', there was a hole in the cling film!

So, I picked the little thing up and put her into the tank, assuming that she was an escapee!
Once I'd put it in I noticed that it looked quite abit bigger than the ants I usually see in there. Mmmmm, now I thought that if I leave it in that tank, the other ants will know it's an intruder and kill it, so I tried to get it back out. Would it stay still long enough for me to catch it? No it would not. It kept dissapearing under stones and things so I couldn't catch it.

Now I cannot see it at all. I feel soooooo bad, I fear that my little colony have killed it and dragged it into their nest. :-(
So, now I'm an ant murderer!  Oh dear.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

My Mums chat board

Mum has set up a chat board. 
It's for every day general topics, jokes and stuff,  so please feel free to click on the link on the right of this page and join us.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Jay xx

Wednesday, 18 October 2006


Here is Marleen, (named after "Maaarleeen" Boycies wife on only fools and horses) lol

Marleen is 4 years old. She's a lovely girl but-boy what a thief!!!!!!!!!!!
Thought I'd best add her, didn't want her feeling left out being that the cats are on here! lol


Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Emmies poem/song.

This is a little poem/song which Emmie wrote the other day whilst round Nannies house.
I thought it would be nice if I put it on here, exactly how it's written. Spellings and all.

My baby brother.

I have a brother called Liam. He is a Baby yes! yes!
I like to play with him a lot! he's the best! The best!
He like's crisp's as well and he is swell!
he has blond hair, and. blue eye's!
But sometimes he criay's! He gives me a surprise!
I'm 7,he's 2 and he's sweet! Just like somethink to eat!
Yes! He's my brother! He likes playing with one and a nuther!
he likes a drink and also a sink! Yes!
He's swell! Just as well! Yeahhhh!
Emmie shhh.....

Our cats.

Meet our cats. Jodie, Suggs and Lola.

Jodie is a tortiose shell, she unfortunately suffers from rodent ulcers which is a form of skin cancer. She has suffered with this problem since she was a kitten, luckily it is not life threatening and steroids from the vet sorts her out.

Suggs is our male cat, he is missing the end off of his tail due to the front door slamming shut on it about 5 years ago. Suggs does a couple of tricks such as sitting on command and fetching screwed up balls of paper if you throw them for him.

Lola is the youngest of the three, she doesn't have cancer and she has all of her tail intact. lol
She doesn't do tricks and there are no exciting events in her life to tell you about, but she's our cat and we love her :-)

Monday, 16 October 2006

Emmies creations.

Recently Emmie got some craft bits sent through from a freecycle chat board which I belong to. With all the little bits and bobs she made a little scene which she wants me to put onto this blog.

Also Emmie made a garage out of Liams duplo bricks. She took the photographs of it herself.

Yesterday Em made a scarecrow out of drinking straws but sadly after putting it out in the garden it has sort of died. So there are no photos of the scarecrow I'm afraid!
When I looked outside this morning I noticed that the scarecrow no longer has a head, it looks like the foxes have pulled it off and had a play with it. Mmmm. LOL

Sunday, 15 October 2006

My home page.

Well, today I created an AOL home page. Don't know why, don't know what you do with it but I made it anyway!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

The link is on the right of this page underneath the link to Emmies blog.

So, if anyone knows what I should put on my homepage please let me know. I suppose it is pointless having a home schooling blog and a home schooling web page so suggestions welcome :-)

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Natural History Museum Trip

Hi all.
On Tuesday we decided that we were all going to go to the Natural History Museum.(Me, the kids Dad, Emmie, Liam, Nanny, Uncle Gareth and Uncle Ricky)
The kids really enjoyed it!
Emmie's favorite thing there was the gigantic moving model of a T Rex. She also enjoyed seeing all of the stuffed animals, but it took her a while to get used to the idea that they were dead and stuffed. LOL
Liam also loved the dinosaurs. He never paid any interest before if we saw them on TV, now it's all he talks about!!!! LOL 

It turned out to be a really nice day. Mum, Ricky and Me absolutely loved the mineral room, looking at all the different stones and stuff.
Emmie learned a few interesting facts about the T Rex such as, if it were to fall over whilst running it would probably die and also that it's arms were so short that it would not have been able to reach its own mouth!

We got a few bits from the gift shop for Auntie Nadine as she was at school so missed out on the trip.
Liam got some toy dinosaurs and Em got some binoculars, a cup and some rainbow ooze!!! lol
Emmie is going to use her binoculars to look at birds next time we go to the chase.
This morning Emmie and I spent some time trying to identify the different types of dinosaurs which Liam got from the NHM. We think that we have managed to correctly identify most of them but we have forgotton all of the names already!!!!! lol

As for our ants, I'm pleased to say that they seem to have recovered after their 'dice with death'.  Thank goodness! We can see the Queen and she has lot's more eggs and little grubs which is excellent! The kitchen ants are still doing well, at the moment their favorite snack is still a dead fly or gnat.

Anyway, I will write more soon. Monday we might be going to Romford so that we can go to the craft shop to pick up some bits and bobs for Emmie, she is going to make her own Christmas cards this year.

Sunday, 1 October 2006

Been busy!

Hi all, sorry I have not added anything on here for a little while only this past week has been a bit chaotic.

Sadly, on Wednesday, my Mums dog Bella passed away. She was 16 years old-which is a ripe old age. She had cancer and it got to a point where there was nothing which could be done for her. Bella will be sadly missed as she has been a part of the family for so long, but at least she is no longer in pain.

We have not really been doing a great amount lately, what with Bella being poorly and things so I have not got loads to write about. It's pretty much just been all the usual stuff, the kids have been playing and fighting non stop. lol
Emmie is in the middle of setting up her own website, let's just hope it has more on it than her blog has at the moment. LOL She decided the other week no change her blog and have it all about her, but each time she adds an entry with photo's, she accidently deletes it rather than saving it. Poor little thing, she'll get there in the end I'm sure. ;-)

The ants seem to be doing ok. Well, to tell you the truth-the ants in the tank seem to be doing ok. The ants in the ant farm are trying to recover from a big disaster. Whilst trying to look at them, I somehow managed to colapse their tunnels. They had big cave in. Poor little blighters!!! lol
Luckily I could see that the queen and some workers were still alive. They have now spent the last couple of weeks trying to dig themselves out. None of them have managed to get to the food or anything yet. I can see that some workers are dead, but the queen still appears to be alive. I am assuming she is feeding on dead workers and eggs as none of the workers have been able to take food to her yet. I am just praying that they all survive. I will let you all know.

The tank ant farm is thriving. I feed them on honey, cake crumbs, cat food, biscuit crumbs, dead moths, gnats and lacewings. How they love a dead insect. They all come charging out to see what it is and then you can watch them drag it down the ant hole and into their nest. Sometimes you get 3-4 ants all trying to drag a moth but they all pull it in different directions. LOL

At the top there are a couple of pics of their main entrance and exit hole.

Anyway, I will try to add another entry soon.



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