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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Verbs, nouns and adjectives.

Hi all,

Haven't been on much due to being busy what with christmas coming etc. I think that I am pretty much organised now (fingers crossed) so I thought I'd pop on and catch everyone up with what's been happening just in case I don't manage to add more this side of chrimbo!

Anyway, we have still not recieved the second flat, even though they have now made and sent a third one! Goodness knows what the heck is going on. I am now worried that our flat from them will not get back to us which would be a real shame.

The ants are doing fine, not as active as they were but we do get to see them every so often so at least we know that they are ok.
The christmas cards that Emmie made went down really well. She was the talk of the street for a while. Everyone was thrilled and commented on how nice they are and how Emmie done really well, so that made Emmie feel very proud-and so she should!!! lol

Em has been doing all the usual things-reading, writing, drawing etc. As each month goes by I notice how her spellings and reading are improving. She rarely needs help reading words now although she does ask the meanings of unfamilliar words which shows that she is understnading the stories and wants to make sense of new words.
She has been playing on Bratz.com recently, there is a story writing game on there where you have to help write the story by choosing key words. It will tell you that the word needed has to be either a noun, verb or adjective.
Emmie has now learned and understood that nouns are people, places or things, verbs are 'doing or action' words and adjectives are describing words. Soon we will be able to move on to more complex things. She is very quick to learn things and she has such a love of writing that she tries to take on board and use new skills.
Emmie is currently saving up £100.00 to buy herself a Nintendo DS lite, she is working out how much money she has and how much she still needs to save. Little things like this really do help children to understand and appreciate the value of money. Plus it all involves maths doesn't it? So, she is doing well with this too.
We have been doing 30 minutes of vigorous excersise each day since the weather has got cold as we haven't been out and about as much as we do in the warmer weather.
Wonder how long we'll keep that up for??!! LOL

Little Liam is doing great too. He has almost completely potty trained himself!!!!!!!!! He is learning his coloursand can count to 4 or 5 on his own. Not too bad for nearly 2 years old.
At the moment he keeps singing the Oompah Loompah song from Charlie and the chocolate factory!! LOL
He is starting to learn the names of shapes, although at the moment his favourite ones are circles, stars and hearts.
Anyway, the kids are sooo excited for christmas although Liam is finding all the Father Christmas stuff a little confusing. Every time we tell him that Father Christmas will be bringing him new toys he turns and looks at the plastic Father Christmas which is standing on the fish tank, so I think he's wondering how on earth that plastic man is going to manage that!!!!!!! LOL
Anyhow, Liam's christmas list is quite straight forward, he wants- a car (a big one), a 'big circle' and a man!! He also asked for a new pillow and a new bed!! LOL LOL Bless him.

If I don't pop back before christmas, I wish whoever is reading this blog a Great One.
(If anyone is reading this blog LOL LOL)

Best wishes

Jay xx

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Now flat Gracie has gone.

This is crazy! We were waiting for flat Madison for weeks only to find out that she ended up being returned to the family-well, the envelope was returned, flat Madison was missing. So the children then made flat Gracie who has now also not arrived!!!!!!!!
They have now made a third flat, let's just hope that this one reaches us. They have posted our flat back to us now so fingers crossed that she gets home safe and sound very soon!

As for this AOL blog, Mmmmm, I'm not happy! All of the photo's I had put on this month have vanished! I have waited a couple of days for them to come back but by the look of it they are gone for good. So now I am going to have to add all of the pics again! I will also be adding photo's of the christmas cards that Emmie made. They will be on the entry 'Christmas card making, 24th October 2006'
They really do look lovely. You can find that link if you click on 'previous entries' at the very top or very bottom of this screen.



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