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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Anyone fancy a chicken drumstick??

Well, the plucking is still going on. Rose and Bobbie both still have bare bums and now one of Rose's legs is completely plucked-looks just like a ready to cook drumstick!!!!

I think I am going to take Ria's bumper bit off today and try to refit one and see if I can get it in a slightly different position in her beak. Failing that I think I will just give up and have a nervous breakdown. (Sounds like a good idea to me)! lol

I have no regrets getting the girls, I love them-we all do but this is a nightmare. It's not nice seeing your lovely little pets getting plucked.

Anyway, changing the subject cos it's doing my head in keep worrying about bald bummed chickens-we now have a dining table and chairs.
Not a big deal really but we have never had one before. Mainly due to the fact that we live in a small (Very small) 2 bedroomed mid terrace with barely enough room to swing a cat never mind anything else so we never really thought that a dining table would be an option but y'know what they say?? 'Where there's a will there's a way', so we now have a folding one.
The plan was to store it in the hallway and drag it into the kitchen every night but it is too big to set up in the kitchen and too heavy to drag from room to room so I have now put all of Liams toys in the hallway and the table is in the living room.
It doesn't look bad actually and it's nice for us to all be able to sit up a table.
It is folded away all day and we set it up each evening. The chairs are stored inside the table so they are all neat and tidy. I love it!  lol  (Yes- I am aware of the fact that I am a saddo)!!  ;-)

The table!!    Bet you wouldn't have known that!! ;-)

The kids eating breakfast but at night we pull it into the middle of the room.

Liams toys all now on the bottom stair.........................

which looks better than this!!!   lol lol

The result of the kids playing!  Mmm

Aaah, as if those little angels could have made that mess-look at them-my sweeties :-)

The kids with their Daddy.


This is my Brother Gareth looking very smart, dressed up for his friend's wedding where he was an usher.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

It's official-Liam is a big boy now :-)

Just wanted to say that little Liam is now completely clean day and night.

He has been mainly out of nappies since about March/April time during the day but I was still putting one on him at night.
Not quite sure why really though because for about 18 months or more he has woken up dry about 90% of the time but I still kept sticking a nappy on him. (Mmm)

This weekend he woke up when I was putting his bedtime nappy on and got quite stressed telling me that he 'didn't want it nappy'!!
So, that was that. He didn't want it on so I left it off and I haven't bothered putting one on him since. So far we have had no wet beds but I have bought some Pampers bed protector thingys just in case.

What a star eh?  Bless him! lol

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Chicken trouble cont......

Well, not much luck on the forum really.

As usual I have an 'unusual' pet!!
Story of my life what with my wire chomping cats but what can you do eh? They have to be a little bit crazy to fit in here ;-)

I sprayed the other two girls with tea tree and so far, (fingers crossed) it doesn't seem to be getting any worse!
If only I had a massive garden-I would buy them a cube with full run extension.

Think that the kids Dad would not be impressed at the price though!!
I could use the Eglu for ex battery hens and the cube for my three girls-plus I could get a load more. Mmmmm, doesn't hurt to dream! ;-)

Anyway, I will let you know how the pecking thing goes-hopefully she will stop now and let their feathers grow back before it gets too cold!!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Chicken troubles!!

Oh dear!!
More chicken trouble I'm afraid.
Bobbie and Ria both have bumper bits fitted due to feather plucking.
The other day I noticed Ria chasing Rose and Bobbie about trying to pull their knicker feathers out. I pretty much ignored her assuming that she wouldn't be able to due to her wearing her bumper bit but guess what?..............................Wrong!!!
Yesterday I was cleaning the girls out when I noticed that Rose and Bobbie have both got almost bald bums.
Ria is some how still plucking them-little moo.

Not really sure what to do now. No idea why or how she is doing it.
I have now sprayed both Rose and Bobbie's bums with tea tree oil hoping that Ria won't like the taste but I really can't work out why her bumper bit is not working!!
Starting to feel quite frustrated now to be honest. It feels like it's one thing after another with them.
Saying that-I love them all to bits and have absolutely no regrets about getting them but I do wish they would leave eachother alone!!

I think that I am going to go and post about it on the Omlet forums and see what they say. Can't stand by and watch my girlies being plucked.

Anyway, I will let you all know what they say and what my next plan will be :-)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Another lesson learnt!!

Well, another lesson has been learned!!
Never take your eyes off of your hand bag for any reason at all when you are out and about! I did and my purse got taken. Luckily it only had little over £30 in it but that's not the point!!

Don't be naive like I was-be aware, you really don't know who is looking over your shoulder just waiting for the right opportunity. The staff in Asdas were completely useless and quite honestly didn't seem too bothered at all. They never even announced the fact that there was a thief in the store over the tannoy, so who knows-perhaps other people got robbed that day too.

Just be aware and be carefull, also only take out with you what you actually need and don't keep your bank cards in your purse with your cash. Let's all make it harder for the theives and not give them everything in one swipe.
Also do not keep precious items, photo's, keepsakes etc in your purse because if someone does end up nicking it-you loose everything!!

I am now going to be keeping notes in a wallet, change and cash point card in a little purse in different compartments in my bag. That way if something gets taken-all is not lost!!
Just wanted to remind you all that theives are everywhere-I knew this before but was just too relaxed about it and I got caught out!!


Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Eggs, birthdays-it's all go!! lol

Hi all,

Well where to begin?? First of all I want to show you an egg which was laid by our hen Rose on September 1st, which just happens to be my birthday. I'd like to say that it was nice of her to lay such an unusual egg but if I'm honest-I think she was being a bit stingey!! ;-) lol



See what I mean??? LOL LOL

It was Emmie's 8th birthday on the following Saturday. She had a lovely day.
We took her to McDonalds and Kids Kingdom in the afternoon and had a little family party in the evening.
I can't believe that she is 8 already. Only feels like 5 minutes ago since she was born!! lol

The little girl in the photo with Emmie is just someone who she played with while she was there ;-)

Liam going for a drive with his mate Pat!! lol

The only thing that sort of ruined the time there was some man shouting and swearing at the top of his voice at his son. I will say that his son was a complete nightmare and ended up making other children cry as well as the constant bullying of his younger brother but at the same time surely it would have been nicer for all concerned if he just took his delightful son home rather than yelling and swearing so loud that it caused distress to other children, Emmie was very upset by it! It wouldn't have been so bad but the child still continued to be a nasty little brat and the Dad done nothing.
I know that brothers fight and stuff but this was different. The older one was constantly pulling his youger brothers pants down, jumping on his head, hurting him and stuff. If my kids behaved like that I wouldn't take them to places where they would come into contact with other children!! To be truthful though, if I acted like the Father I wouldn't let myself go out in public neither!!
Never mind, no harm done-we still had a nice time anyway :-)
It takes all sorts to make the world-just a shame that the all sorts inflict themselves onto the rest of us but- hey ho!! lol

Emmie posing in her new birthday clothes :-)

My brother at the back on the left is Gareth and the little girl in front of him is my cousin Evvie.


Over the weekend I decided to make a gate to go across the upstairs floor of the playhouse to make it safer for Liam.
He can either be locked up there while he's playing or the gate can be locked to stop him from going up there.
I was quite impressed with my gate-might not be perfect but it does the job. Cheers Grandad for the wood ;-)

I think that even Bob the builder would be proud :-) lol

Will try to add an entry soon. It seems to be taking me ages to get around to adding new ones but I will try :-)

Jay xx


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