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Monday, 26 November 2007

Chicken update

Well so far so good.

Rose is not exactly impressed at having new hens in her run but yesterday she was much more relaxed about it. Hardly any squarking at all. Thank God-I have already had to apologise to the neighbours about her racket!! lol

The new girls are settling in nicely and are getting bolder. I wish I could sit out there and hand feed them more and things but with Rose stomping about-I don't like opening their run door much in case she gets in. They wouldn't really have anywhere to go and she would be able to be evil and trap them in the corner, so I can only really chat to them through the bars.

Rose is healing slowly but surely. Cannot wait for her to be better so that she can start sleeping in the Eglu with them rather in the house.
Wouldn't want to risk putting her in with them yet though-just in case they hurt her.

I think in a few days I will get the new girls wings clipped and let them into the garden with Rose. I will be able to see if they peck at her.  Just want these intro's out of the way to be honest so that things can get back to normal.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

What a load of chaos. (Pics-not for the sqeamish)

Right, where to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The begining seems like a good place. Bear with me though, this is quite a long story so either get yourself sitting comfy or click to close the page now! lol

Here we go...........................................................................................

Wednesday I went out with Mum so that she could sort out her housing benefit. Before I go out I always check all of the animals. I went into the garden, topped up the hens water, had a chat to them and then me and the children left the house.
When we got home around 4 PM it was getting dark. I went into the garden to check on the girls and saw big drips of blood all over the roosting bars. (There was a fair amount!!)
I just froze-not really sure where to start. I grabbed Rose, looked at her knickers and OMG-she was bleeding quite badly.
I looked at Ria and she had blood all over her beak. It was awful.
I think I then switched on to auto pilot. I grabbed Ria, called Emmie, took Ria's anti peck ring out and swapped it for another Bumper Bit.
I then put her back outside, grabbed Rose and took her inside to assess the damage.
During this time-Emmie was in tears and didn't want to see Rose's injury.
Well-it didn't look too good. Blood was trickling out of her, she had hardly any feathers left on her bum-it was bad.
I couldn't see how bad because of the caked on blood so I then ran a sink of warm water with salt in it and bathed her gently with swabs of cotton wool. Poor little mite was as good as gold.
After she had been cleaned I could see that even though the injury was not nice-it wasn't too deep-thank goodness.
I then blow dried her (which she seemed to enjoy) and gave her some sweetcorn.

After all of them were roosting I popped Rose into the Eglu with the others as they are very quiet and placid at night but then I ended up getting her back out again as people on the forum were worried in case Ria decided to have another go so I then had to get the cat box from the shed, put straw in it, cover it with towels to keep it dark and I popped her in there for the night.
Anyway, I was asking the forum folk for advice and there were mixed opinions. Some thought I should have her put to sleep, some said that I should re-home her, others thought I should keep her by herself forever.
Tricky situation really. Hens are never happy living alone so I didn't think this was a fair option but had noidea what to do for the best.
Here are some pics or what Ria done to poor Rose.


Not nice eh?  Poor little moo!!!!!!!!

On Thursday morning I phoned Omlet to ask about prices of reconditioned Eglus. While on the phone I explained to a lady what I had been going through for the past 6 months. Both Pepperpots needing bumper bits, anti peck rings, anti peck sprays bla bla bla.
She went and spoke to someone, came back and said that they would be happy to swap my Pepperpots for two Gingernut Rangers.
I said that I would ring her back as I needed time to chat with Emmie and give it a lot of thought.
In the end I decided that it was the better option. Omlet advised allowing Ria to live alone and my only other option would have been VETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
So-I rang them back to arrange it and the lady went to speak to her boss about price and stuff.

I was a bit gutted because she hadn't given me the impression that I had to pay. She gave the impression that they were helping me out considering I had bought then hens from them in the first place.
Well anyway, she rang me back and said that it would cost £45 including delivery. I told her to just leave it-I got off of the phone and just cried.
I had three hens, two of which were spiteful, I had a hen living in the kitchen full time as had I put her in with the others they would have attacked her as they peck at anything red. I loved all of my girls and just wanted a solution to my problem.
I didn't want to 'swap' them but I also didn't want them put to sleep. I just wanted harmony but everyone kept telling me that I had done everything I could and there was no real solution and I had to do what's best etc. People were surprised I had put up with it all this long.

Anyway, I was in a right old state. We didn't have £45. Omlet said that had I not left it soo long wouldn't have had to pay but as it's been 6 months etc. We didn't really have £45.
Mum ended up telling me to e-mail a lady who works for Omlet and explain to her that when these problems started my Dad had just passed away and I was just doing my best to cope with it all etc. So that's what I done.

She got back to me and said that she had explained it all to Omlet and they said I could just pay delivery of £25 and I could have my girls collect the next day.
I said that would be fine but I was gutted too. The lady from Omlet said that she would have them as her pets and would put them in her larger flock to see how they get on free ranging with more hens.
Emmie was crying, I was crying-it was just awful.
Anyway, at the end of the day what choice did I have. This problem was never going to end. If it was no better after 6 months I had no hope really.
The forum folk kept telling me that chicken keeping is supposed to be fun and with my girls I had not had much fun. They were all saying that Ria nd Bobbie needed to go for my own sanity.

Friday morning was chaotic. I had tons to do. I had to set up the Eglu run inside the walk in run to make the introductions easier. That way the new hens could be in the Eglu run with Rose on the outside so that she could see them without attacking them and also so that they didn't try pecking at her sore bits.

The Eglu run is a nightmare to put together-especially inside another run. It just about fitted.
I had to take Bobbie and Ria's bumper bits off. I had to still keep Rose in the kitchen.
I had to sort out dishes for food water etc as they wouldn't all be sharing! Busy time.

Anyway-that was that!! The man came with the new girls and Bobbie and Ria were taken away. It was so sad. Emmie and Liam were in tears, I was choked up and even my Mum was gutted but we all knew we had no choice at the end of the day!!
Anyway-meet the new girls, Brandee and Jasmine :-)

Brandee at the front-Jasmine at the back.

Brandee on the left, Jasmine on the right.

Will get better pics soon.
They are gorgeous hens. Brandee has feathers like silk and they have a lovely iridescent orange sheen around the neck.
Jasmine has more white and cream than Brandee but is not as light as Rose. They are both beautiful.

Had probs with Rose already.
Was expecting the squarking but didn't expect the new girls to stick their faces out through the bars-then Rose to grab hold of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But it will all settle soon. I have faith.
Everyone says that Bobbie and Ria were bad-they were not the norm, so hopefully we will have a nice friendly little flock soon. (Fingers crossed) lol

Also-new fire came. Here it is..................................

Photo's have come out blurry, I will try to get clearer ones.
It looks lovely though and adds a much cosier feeling to the room.

Well done if you got this far. I know it was very long but lot's had happened!
If you thought reading it was a chore-you should have tried being here!!!!! LOL LOL ;-)

Enjoy your day :-)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Does smacking children work???

I have been thinking about this for quite some time.
On and off for years to be honest and I keep swaying towards thinking that smacking children does not work. (When I say 'smack' I mean a tap on the hand/leg etc, I am not referring to child abuse-just a 'smack'!!)
If it was a good form of punishment and they did learn from it-why would they need to be smacked more than 1, 2 or even 3 times??

I am starting to think that smacking may not be the answer at all.
I know that I for one HATE smacking my children. It upsets me, it upsets them, it doesn't really stop them doing the undesirable behaviour and afterwards I feel riddled with guilt because I smacked out of temper.

So, as usual in typical Jay sytleeee, I have done some research. (Oh no!!!   lol)
I have always known that some parents are anti-smacking and I have never really seen why they have this opinion until being a Mum myself.

First of all it is proven that children who have never been smacked do not smack people themselves as they get older.
As babies they may try lashing out but if the parent is firm and stops them from hitting by moving the babies arm-the baby stops doing the behaviour and more importantly does not grow into a 'hitter' when they are older.
Makes perfect sense I guess. If the baby is never hit-it looses the feeling of wanting to hit.
This is where I see myself going wrong-I have shown Liam that if I don't like what he is doing-I smack him. He then decides that it's ok to smack people himself yet when he does it I shout at him and tell him that he is not allowed to hit people. If he continues to 'smack' I then smack him and tell him that he must not smack people because it is not nice!!  Mixed signals or what???????LOL LOL  Classic case of 'Do as I say, not as I do!' Yet we all know that children learn most things by copying people.

There have also been studies carried out to see how different forms of punishment make the child feel and it's not pleasant really.
Questions were asked to children about being smacked by their parents and the results were:- (Quite long but also insightful)


Global Initiative logo

Listen Up! Children talk about smacking

Save the Children carried out research into the views and experiences of 77 young children, aged 4-10 years, living in Wales. The full report (details below) includes children's accounts of what it feels like to be smacked and their ideas about how smacking might be prevented. This report includes the views of children that were consulted as part of the National Assembly of Wales contribution to the UK consultation on Protecting Children, Supporting Parents in 2000 and subsequently extended after the consultation.


77 children (38 boys, 39 girls) participated in discussion groups in 3 after-school clubs and 3 primary schools. Using the cartoon character Splodge, children were asked: "who knows what a smack is?", "why do you think children get smacked?", "who usually smacks children?", "where do children usually get smacked?", "what does it feel like to be smacked?", "how do children act after being smacked?", "how do adults act after they have given a smack?", "adults smack children but why don't children smack adults?", "children smack each other but why don't adults smack each other?", "when you are big, do you think you will smack children?", "do you know anyone who doesn't like smacking?", "who thinks it's wrong to smack?", "how can we stop children being smacked?", "what can be done instead of smacking?" The children's responses were taped and written down.

What the children said

1. Who knows what a smack is?
Children said that a smack is a hit - often with some degree of force, and sometimes using some sort of implement such as a slipper. Children said that smacking hurts.

"It's when someone hits you really hard" (5 year old boy)

"It's a hit that hurts your bottom" (9 year old boy)

"Or they could hit you with something else like a slipper or a shoe" (7 year old girl)

2. Why do children usually get smacked?
Children said that adults smack children because they are naughty, for example not listening, being rude, running away, and lying, or because they are violent to other children.

"Because they're naughty, naughty, naughty" (9 year old girl)

"Cause they've done something wrong, that's why they get smacked 'cause they done something wrong" (7 year old girl)

"When someone runs away, and come back, then they get a smack bottom or a whip" (7 year old boy)

"If they don't do what they've been told first time" (8 year old girl)

3. Who usually smacks children?
All the children who answered this question mentioned parents and other relatives. Some children said male relatives were more likely to smack than mothers and grandmothers. Some also identified people who smack as "bad", "naughty" or "nasty" people generally, or bullies.

4. Where do children usually get smacked?
Children said smacking usually took place in the home. They felt embarrassed and humiliated if they were smacked in a public place, and they were clear that adults did not want to be seen hitting them.

"Somewhere were no-one can see - they know that it's bad" (9 year old girl)

"Maybe somewhere on their own. By the lake, by the shop, on their own by the railway station and they don't know and nobody's watching" (6 year old girl)

"At home I would rather - instead of getting showed up" (8 year old boy)

The most common place on the body for a smack was the child's bottom, though the leg, hand, face and other parts of the body were also mentioned.

5. What does it feel like to be smacked?
Children talked about the considerable physical hurt and emotional impact of being smacked. They did not view smacking as "trivial".

"It makes you feel sad" (8 year old girl)

"It hurts - where it hits" (8 year old boy)

"It feels like you've been stung like a bee" (6 year old girl)

"Feel ill" (6 year old boy)

"It gives you a big red mark and it stings a bit" (7 year old girl)

"It feels like you're going to cry 'cause it hurts you that much" (7 year old boy)

"Inside your body hurts" (6 year old girl)

"Upset" (7 year old boy)

"Angry" (7 year old boy)

6. How do children act after they have been smacked?
Children usually cry and become upset and go, or are sent, to spend time alone. Some thought a smack would make the child behave better, others thought it could worsen a child's behaviour.

"(Children) probably behave worse, because they'll go around doing it to other children in the playground" (9 year old boy)

"If you don't stop you'll have another smack" (5 year old boy)

"They start being good 'cause they don't want to get smacked again" (7 year old girl)

"Feel sad, then happy after saying sorry to Mam" (8 year old boy)

7. How do adults act after they have smacked children?
Children associated smacking with parents being angry. Some of the older children said that adults felt regret after they smacked a child.

"They get mad and look cross" (4 year old boy)

"They keep on swearing" (6 year old girl)

"They feel upset, bad" (8 year old girl)

"I think they don't want anyone to see. They know that it's bad but they still do it" (8 year old boy)

"Parents feel guilty" (6 year old girl)

8. Why don't children smack adults?
Children don't smack adults because they are scared and fear being smacked back. They understand that size and strength are important in who smacks who.

"Because grown ups are bigger and they slap you back even harder" (8 year old boy)

"They'll get a hiding" (6 year old girl)

"They'll be grounded for a week" (5 year old boy)

"If you smack them it won't be hard, but when they smack you it'll be even harder" (7 year old boy)

"Because adults are bigger and children are smaller" (6 year old girl)

9. Why don't adults smack each other?
The main responses were that adults know better than to smack each other. Children see adults as liking each other, as behaving well towards each other, and as not wanting to get involved in a "fight". They also felt it would be foolish or childish for adults to smack each other.

"Because they have manners" (5 year old girl)

"Because they don't want to hurt their friends" (9 year old boy)

"Because they would have to do it back and they don't want the other person to retaliate" (9 year old boy)

"Adults do hit other adults" (5 year old boy)

"Because if they smack each other they're not going to be very happy with themselves because they're adults now not children" (8 year old girl)

10. When you are big, will you smack children?
Two thirds of the children said they would not smack children when they were big.

"Because it hurts" (8 year old boy)

"We know what it feels like" (8 year old girl)

"No. It would be horrible to hit children" (6 year old girl)

"I won't smack my children. I don't think it's really that fair... And I wouldn't like it. Treat others how you want to be treated" (8 year old girl)

"By then it'll probably be the law and if someone found a rash on your child then they'd jail you for it" (8 year old boy)

"Because if you like smack them, it'll hurt them, their feelings and that" (7 year old boy)

"Because it hurts a lot and you could send them to their bedroom instead" (7 year old boy)

11. Do you know anybody who doesn't like smacking?
The children themselves didn't like smacking and most believed that their parents didn't like smacking, even if they did it.

12. Who thinks it's wrong to smack?
All but three children thought smacking was wrong.

"Well, if it was an adult smacking then they might think it's wrong to smack because they might hurt the child's heart, they might break the child's heart" (7 year old girl)

13. How can we stop children being smacked?
Children made several suggestions, including children improving their behaviour, adults using other ways of disciplining them, persuading adults through the media, and law reform.

"Children being good" (5 year old boy)

"Well you have to tell them, please stop smacking your children" (7 year old boy)

"I think that we should make a law to stop adults from smacking children" (7 year old girl)

"Do something else what works best ... like losing my pocket money; getting smacked doesn't stop you doing it again" (8 year old boy)

14. What can be done instead of smacking?
A variety of other punishments and sanctions were suggested, most commonly being sent to your room, being grounded, and stopping pocket money.

I am going to ask Emmie these exact questions and see what her answers are.
I have read lot's of information and think that children do not actually understand what smacking is all about. If I'm honest-nor do I.   lol

It can ruin self asteem, make the child dislike themself for being 'bad', it can also make the child feel that the bond between themselves and the parent is not 100% because the parent 'hurt' them.

I was smacked when I was little and my Mum says that she hated doing it, she done it out of temper, she would feel guilty etc.
I don't feel like I was abused as a child in any way but at the same time I think research helps us to progress and move forward. Years ago there was no studies into it so everyone assumed that it was the best way to discipline.
Like everything else-new things are discovered and the information is made available, it is then up to us to decide if we carry on with our methods or find alternatives.

Considering that I don't think smacking really works I don't see the point in doing it anyway. I would like my children to be good through respect not fear. I think that loosing out on things (watching TV, a favourite toy etc) will be more effective in the long run without making them feel insecure. Plus I have already discovered that explaining things in a calm and gentle way helps the child to understand how to behave better than a quick smack on the leg does. It's just how I would prefer to do things, I am not saying that other people are wrong or anything like that.

I will ask Emmie the questions just out of interest and I will post her replies.

Have a good day y'all.  ;-)

From 'Hippy' Jay.


Peace man!!!!!!!!!     lol

Monday, 19 November 2007

Forgot to say.....................

The fire came....................................and went!!
What a load of rubbish.
I was all excited about it coming but it was a big dissapointment to be honest!!

First of all the morning was a disaster!!
Liam was climbing on his potty to get a penguin out of the fridge. I was washing up at the time and he was not supposed to be climbing but I didn't notice him sneak the potty over to the fridge.
Next thing I know there was a crash and smash sound and I looked round to see Liam laying on the floor in a pool of milk and broken glass. He has pulled the bottom shelf off of the door and three glass pint bottles of milk had come crashing down.
He was just about to roll over onto a sharp smashed bottle but I shouted and luckily he stopped!!
Anyway-to cut a long story short-he was fine. A couple of very minor scratches which you couldn't even see after about 20 minutes, so they were very minor-thankfully!!

So, after brushing Liam off, mopping up glass and milk for what felt like an never ending amount of time-my fire arrived.

I opened the box feeling all excited..............

My first dissapointment came when I saw the actual fireplace. It was painted MDF but looked like plastic!!  I assumed that it would look ok though once it was all up and against the chimney wall so I wasn't too too bothered.

I now realise that I should have just left it in the box and made a cup of coffee at this point as the next dissapointment was yet to come....................

So, I unpacked it all (not an easy job when you are on your own and have two small children and a dog trying to help). I moved all of the packaging out of the way, positioned the fire against the wall and then had to start arranging all of the 'pebbles' onto the 'fuel bed'!!
Now for the exciting bit..........................turning the new fire on and seeing the cosy flicker.

Not quite yet-could't fid the switch to turn the thing on!!  The suspense was killing me!!
Anyway-found the switch. Had to lift up the firehood.

So-here we go.........................Me and the kids all sitting in front of it, curtains drawn to create that 'cosy' atmosphere, Mum on the phone waiting for the verdict!!!

Switch it on and...........................................................................................................

What a load of CRAP!! (excuse the language!!)
A flick of the switch turns on a white light bulb underneath the pebbles!! No red or orange-just a white light. No flicker-just a white light. No feeling of sitting by a fire-just.........yep you guessed it-A WHITE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Gggrrrrrr!!

Looked awful. I wanted it to make the room look cosy-it just looked like a lamp in the shape of a fire!! Waste of time!

So, the fire was packed back into it's box and was collected a few days later!! Good!

Have now found a new fireplace with fire. It has realistic flames and looks gorgeous.
Mum has one very similar and hers looks so warm and cosy.

When I get it I will put some pics on.

Here is the fire/lamp which I sent back although I would like to add that the photo's make it look better than it actually was. The photo's don't look great so you can imagine how pants it looked in real life!! LOL


Don't be fooled thinking that the glow does look a bit 'orangey'. I was amazed when I looked at the pics-it has an orangey tinge to it which it really does not have in real life!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Christmas is coming

Well, it's nearly upon us again. Christmas :-)
Sooo, exciting.  Soon be time to dec the halls etc.
Getting a real tree this year. First time we will have a real one. Can't wait.
Smells a lot better than a 5 year old plastic one I'm sure. (Unless you like the smell of old dust!!) ;-)
The hens are enjoying their new run still. I have now put their Eglu up on a plastic table so that they have more floor space and can go 'up' to roost.

The kids have been going through the Argos book and Emmie has been putting the letter 'E' on all of the things she would like. lol.

Pics are a bit fuzzy but I think you get the idea!! Most pages are 'Emmied' like this!! LOL LOL

And then Liam decided that he would look good with a beard.................................

I think he was right-he does look rather fetching!! ;-)

Not much else has really been happening. Same old-same old!! Better to be boring than unexpected surprises though!! lol

The kids have been doing their arty things, will soon be time to get them making some christmasy bits I think.

All I can say is thank goodness for vacuum cleaners!! LOL ;-)

Have a great day :-D

Sunday, 11 November 2007

New chicken run is complete :-)

Hi all,

Well the hens are now living a life of luxury in their newly built run!
It is gorgeous. The man was very nice and put it all together so it's safe, sturdy and beatiful.

Couldn't be happier with it and I think the girls are pretty chuffed too. So much more room I bet they can't believe their luck!! lol

Here are some pics.....




Some photo's are big, some are small-could be because I re-sized some of them to put them on the chicken forum. Oh well, not sure how to sort that out cos I can't re-size them back to their original size now!!

Anyway-run looks good doesn't it? :-)

While I'm here I might as well do a bit of advertising for him. lol

His name is Tony and his e-mail address is  Aviaries4u@aol.com
He can build pretty much anything you want made out of wood from aviaries to climbing frames to playhouses. If you would like a quote for anything just e-mail him and he will get back to you.
The materials he uses are top quality so they will stand the test of time :-)

Have a great day.

Take care
Jay xx

Friday, 9 November 2007


Well, got all of my jobs done yesterday :-D

Olive was round until about 4.30 or so. She is ok but has an infection in her leg at the moment which seems to be making her a little uncomfortable. She is seeing the community nurse at some point today to get it looked at again.
Olive lives in a very lonely world. Not being able to hear what is going on around you and struggling to communicate cannot be easy. She was born deaf, it is caused by the nerves in her ears.
She wears hearing aids but they only give her very slight hearing of VERY loud noises. She lip reads and is able to speak quite clearly.  The problem is that her eyesight is failing somewhat now due to cataracts so even lip reading is getting harder for her. She ends up almost on your lap!! LOL LOL
I think that it is good for the children to see that Olive has a hard life but she copes extremely well. She is always out and about walking somewhere and is very independant. She doesn't allow her problems to ruin her life.
It is also good for the chilren to see that we should all make time for people and put ourselves out for others sometimes. It is not ok to leave someone to be lonely when sometimes all that person needs is a friendly face and it gives them something to look forward to and live for.
Valuable lessons yet again from just living life!!!

Anyway, the hens are now on the grass which gave them a bit of a surprise this morning when I let them out!! Judging by their reactions-I think they had forgotten that they were on grass. They all stepped out and just stopped!! LOL LOL

The patio is all clean and gleaming now. Not a chicken poo in site! For now anyway!! LOL
The children are starting to look forward to Christmas now although Liam said he doesn't really want 'Christmas' in his house. (He means Father Christmas) He said that he wants him to come but he doesn't want to look at him as he is too scary!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

Thursday, 8 November 2007

It's all go!!

Hi all,

The new chicken run is coming on Saturday. I am soo excited!!
Will take pics when it's all up and occupied :-)

Also got my new fire and fireplace coming on Monday-will post photo's of that too.
Will be all nice and cosy for christmas. The hens will be happy in their new run and I will be happy in the living room with my new fire. lol

Not been doing very much lately. Been getting on ok with my SAD light though.
I have noticed how it lifts my mood and just makes me feel more 'normal'!! ;-)

Liam is being his usual self-a pain in the bum!! lol He is really pushing limits to the extreme. Bless!!  ;-D

Emmie is being her lovely little self. We have minor hiccups along the way but never anything drastic and I'd say 95% of the time she's brilliantly behaved!
Let's hope that Liam follows in her footsteps and learns how to behave or else I think I will end up in some sort of institution!! LOL

Well, I suppose I should go really. Got a busy day getting ready for the run coming on Saturday. Want to get the girls all cleaned out so the dustmen can take it all away in the morning.
Then I want to put the run on the grass so that I can clean the patio off. I have also got my Tesco's coming today and have a lady called Olive popping in at 1.30pm.
I have been friends with Olive since I was 17. I met her when I was working in a shop and I ended up be-friending her because she is deaf and other staff in the shop couldn't be bothered to try speaking with her.
I felt sad because people have no time for older people-especially if they find it hard to communicate because of hearing difficulties or other problems. They would rather avoid them which is not nice.

Anyway, Olive is either in her late 70's or maybe even 80's. Her medical records say 80's (a lady who knows Olive told me) but Olive says she is 70 odd so no-one really knows!! LOL

So, best I go and start my day.
Have a lovely day yourself :-)

Love Jay xx


Friday, 2 November 2007

Prepare to be scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids dressed up for Halloween.

My angels went from this...........................................................

To this.......................................................................................................














Scarey little blighters aint they??????? LOL


Not sure how these photo's will come out on the blog because the photobucket site is down so I had to upload them differently.
Hope you liked the pics.

Enjoy your day :0)


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