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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Christmas tree, poem etc.

Good morning all :-)

Well the tree's are whoppers. lol
They stand over 7 feet tall and come out about 5 foot or so at the bottom.

Beatiful though and I will definitely get another real tree next year although maybe just a tad smaller. lol


The other day I went into Emmies room and she had made this..................

It's a little girl but she has made it using different things from in her room. I thought that it looked really good and was very inventive. To make the dress she has used playing cards and she cut up some paint colour charts.  Well done Em, very clever :-)

Got a little poem here that I am thinking about typing up and printing off to go on my hall wall in a frame.

'Scuse the mess and scattered toys,
Sticky marks and very loud noise.
Forgive the crumbs that coat the floors,
And scrapes and scratches on the doors.
Pardon the cups and plates in the sink,
Is it so bad? Do you really think?
Don't mind the dust it will not stay,
I'll wipe it off-just not today.
My children live here-they like to explore,
So I'll join them rather than clean the floor.
For I will not miss out on watching them laugh,
While I scrub the walls and clean the bath.
You're welcome to visit but please be kind,
And turn a blind eye to the mess that you find!!

Well, I'm off now. Not much else to report really.
Have a fantastic day and *smile*  :-)



Monday, 10 December 2007

It's nearly Christmas!!!!!!

Good news-the hens are all in together now.
On Saturday I let them all out together into the big run and kept an eye on them. Apart from Rose putting them in their place occassionally-it all went fine so on Saturday afternoon I took the Eglu run out of the big run, cleaned them out, hung cabbages and bits up for them and let them get on with it.
They are settling well. I have made sure that there are extra food and water bowls in the run so that Rose cannot stop the new girls eating and drinking.
I feel so happy to see them all have more space.
I was considering getting a couple more hens in the summer but have now decided that the three I have are not cramped in anyway at all and I like seeing them with plenty of room so I am sticking to three.
I will put some pics on next time as I didn't take any since taking the Eglu run out and it's a bit dark to do it now!! lol

So, not long till Christmas. Our tree's are coming today so I am very excited :-)  Mum is too! Lovely to have a real tree in the room. It'll be a first for me since leaving home at 19. 
The kids are getting so excited but Liam doesn't really understand the idea that the fairies are watching him now so he must try to be good or else they might tell Father Christmas and Father Christmas would not be very happy and if Liam was very, very naughty he might not want to give him so many toys. Liams answer is "I'll shoot those fairies!!"
Lovely boy!!!!!  ;-)  LOL LOL

I have still got to get a couple of little bits. A pressie for Olive, a little something for my neighbour Elaine who always buys the kids something, and a gift set for my cousin Sam. Not too bad though-more organised than normal. lol

I wrote my cards out last night so I will be popping them through doors later on today.

I do love Christmas although obviously it is going to be strange this year without my Dad. Feels pretty weird really but you have to keep it all nice, especially for the children.

Well, nearly time to let the chickens out and make a start on breakfast so I am going to go now.
I truly hope that you all have a lovely day.

Jay xx



Thursday, 6 December 2007

I'm OK-You're OK.

Hello all :-D

The hens are fine. Still not together all of the time but we are getting there slowly but surely. I am hoping that by the weekend I will be able to remove the Eglu run and have them all in together full time. Nerve wracking stuff though!!    lol

I realised that the hen trouble has stopped me posting Emmie's answers to the 'smacking' topic. Now I can't even find the paper which the answers were written on!!!!!! Never mind.  lol lol    I have probably put them somewhere really 'safe'!!

I used to laugh at my Mum for being so disorganised. Her filing system was a big pile of papers down beside her chair and if ever she needed to look for something she would sift through the papers until she found it.
I have always been Miss Organised! I always hought that it was important to know where everything is and to be able to access it easily.
I have always had folders and files so that everything is where it should be.
2 children, 3 cats, 1 dog, some hens and everything else later I realise that I loose everything!!!!! I do not file anything away, instead it is poked into some drawer or cupboard never to be seen again!! I am sooo disorganised and have so many things filed in different places that when I need to look for something it could be anywhere in the house.
Just to think-I used to laugh at my Mum's big pile of papers and tell her that she needed to file things properly, but at least she always knew where to look and always found what she was looking for!!  Mmm, shame on me!!! LOL LOL

I did feel really good about her answers though. She is a level headed little girl.
Bearing in mind that as Emmie has got older she rarely, if ever, even gets a smack.
She seems to understand that people who she knows hate smacking children. Her answers were so good it made me feel that I am not doing too bad afterall. lol
If (IF) I ever find the piece of paper I will put her answers on here but I would like to point out that the paper could possibly be somewhere so safe-it could take years!! ;-)

I have just read a fantastic book by the way. It is called 'I'm ok, you're ok!' and is written by a man called Thomas Harris. (Same name as the man who wrote Silence of the lambs, but is not the same man!)
What a good book! It is about human psychology which is a subject I find fascinating.
It explains how the brain records every single thing which happens to us in our lives. It then points out how every single thing makes us who we are. It talks about how every human has three parts to them. The Child, the Parent, the Adult. These words are used in reference to parts of us-not in the usual sense of the words.
Anyway, it is a great book to read if there are certain parts of your personality that you would like to change. Whether you feel you have an anger problem, a depression problem, a feeling of being weak etc. It shows you how to recognise different parts of your personality, to see which part of you (Parent, Adult, Child) causes this negative effect and then how to deal with it.
It is basically providing you with the tools you need to improve yourself and your own life. It also helps you to see other peoples different parts of their personality so that you can work out how to react to them and keep things harmonious without letting situations drag you down.
The Child part of us is everything we 'feel', the Parent part is everything we have been 'taught' and the Adult part is what we have 'learned'.
It really makes so much sense when you read it. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and after reading it you can start to see the different parts of people and how they switch between Parent, Child and Adult in a short space of time.
Here is a link explaining the whole thing better than I have been- http://www.businessballs.com/transactionalanalysis.htm

Right, that's about all for now.
Here are some pictures, I hope that you enjoy them :-)

Liam got the camera and thought he'd have a go at photography!! lol

The new girls.


Liam chatting on the phone to Nanny whilst wearing his 'Superman' glasses!! lol lol


Have a really great day :-D



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