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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Next few days??

Mmm, this is quite a bit longer than the next few days isn't it??  lol

Anyway, where to begin?
Well, we are all fine :-)
Brandee (hen) was unwell for a while and there was a time when I wondered whether she'd pull through or not. Very scary but I'm happy to say that she is now back to full health and laying like a trooper-bless her.
I have been learning about and doing Reiki healing. It is simply allowing the life force energy to flow through you and into the person/animal who needs it.
It is not harmful, unsafe, connected to a cult or anything else dodgy. It is simply to do with energy which all living things have. Sometimes our energy becomes weak or unbalanced and Reiki just re-balances it. Here is some more information for those who are interested.....http://www.absolutereiki.com/About%20Reiki.htm  and.... http://reiki.7gen.com/  Anyway, I believe that the Reiki healing is what helped Brandee to get over her illness. If you had seen her at one point she would have bought tears to your eyes. She was hunched up, constantly shaking her head, hardly eating and just looking ill. She was indeed a very poorly chook. After a few Reiki sessions she started to perk right up. Now she is as fit as a fiddle. lol
One very interesting thing is, whilst ill Brandee stopped laying. She didn't lay for a few weeks. After the Reiki sessions, when she was better she laid GIGANTIC eggs. Double the size of the other girls. lol lol
It's been a while now and her eggs have returned to normal size. My family keep telling me to Reiki Jasmine to see if she lays big eggs. lol
I have also given Reiki to an ill frog (who got better and hopped off) and to my Mums cat Molly who hurt her foot and was limping about for days.
After the Reiki she was leaping about like a kitten :-)

I have been reading a lot of books about positive thinking and how negative thinking affects health etc. If positive thinking is something you are interested in I recommend the author Louise Hay. Absolutely brilliant and really does help you to look at things differently. I have a few of her books now. Mine are from Amazon.co.uk

Ooo-we have a car. Don't think I have mentioned that before??!
Anyway, it is a black escort-quite nice actually.
Sadly Liam is very, very travel sick. He needs a travel sick pill just to go on a very short journey so we don't really go out in the car very often because I don't like to give him pills all of the time.

Anyway, things that I could add on here keep popping into my head but I think this post is long enough for now. lol
I will add a couple of pics at the end and I will pop back on soon to update further. I won't bother saying that I'll be back within the next few days though as we all know that that may not be the case!! ;-)   lol

Some snails which I bought for the pond. Red Ramshorns :-)

These 2 whoppers are called trapdoor snails. They have a hard cover over the opening of the shell-hense the name trapdoor. Also, they don't lay eggs. They give birth to live young once or twice a year with only 5-20 babies in each batch. Interesting little things :-)

This is a picture of a hedgehog which became entangled in the netting which goes across my garden to contain the chickens.
This picture shows him after I had spent 20 odd minutes cutting him free. I still had more to do but thought I'd leave him for a bit as he was curled up into a ball with the netting around his little feet.

I really didn't quite know what to do so I popped him into a cat box with dog food and water. I didn't want to release it straight away as it was very light outside when I discovered it so I thought it best to keep it somewhere safe and release it in the evening.

It gobbled down the dog food, had a drink, had a poo then slept like a baby all day :-)
The kids were fascinated.

The release went well. At least we think it went well. We couldn't see a thing!! We opened the box when it was getting dark and assumed he would come wandering out.
We waited..........and waited...........and waited. After a couple of hours he eventually came out but it was so dark we could hardly see. lol
Our neighbours were watching with us as they love nature and stuff too, so all of us were stood there watching. Really nice.

Of course the netting is now down-never to go back up again. In fact I am giving it to my brother to burn in his burner thing as I NEVER want to be responsible for putting an animal in danger again. I felt really guilty :-(
We are going to fence the garden off instead now :-)

Just a quick tip for you nature lovers-some things are really dangerous to wildlife. When you throw tin cans away-please squeeze the top of the can so that hedgehogs, fox cubs etc cannot get their heads stuck in the can. Also, the plastic can holder thingys (Y'know the plastic things which hold 4 beer cans together) well, animals get stuck in them too. If we find any on the floor whilst out, we pick them up and when we get home we snip the plastic so that it is no longer in rings.
String and netting from meat is also dangerous. Animals can small the meat, they eat the netting and it can become entangled inside them. Please take a few seconds to snip the string into bits, much safer that way :-)

One last thing. Hedgehogs apparently eat the red elastic bands which postman use to hold bundles of letters. They think that they are worms, eat them and the elasic band can cause problems inside their tummies.
We now pick up the elastic bands we see and the children are making a great big elastic band ball with their great Grandad. Saving the hedgehogs and making a ball :-) Maybe you could do the same??

Right, I'm off now.
Have a fabulous day and may the sun shine (for a change)! lol

Take care
Jay xx


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