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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Meet the new guys :-)

Good morning :-)
Well, first of all Suggs seems fine. He is still drinking a fair bit but considering he has had the all clear from the vet, I will just have to assume he is extra thirsty and not panic too much unless he starts acting really unwell. I have my fingers crossed that he will be fine.

As for Rose, nothing I can do with her neither. I am positive that she is just getting old. She has stopped laying and her face and comb keep going pale but on the whole she's doing alright :-)

Had a little drama here the other day.
Em had an insect bite on her foot near her toes. It was red and itchy but that's to be expected.
On Sunday evening I glanced at her foot and noticed a red line coming from the bite and going up her foot.

When my Mum was little she had blood poisoning. My brother and sister have both at different times had this red line coming from an gnat bite and my Mum knew the warning sign that if left, it could lead to blood poisoning, so she got them antibiotics asap.
When I saw this on Em, I knew what it was and rang NHS direct to ask if she would need antibiotics straight away or if she could wait till morning. They said someone would ring me back in about 4 hours, maybe less.
It was half past 6 at this point and I thought 4 hours was a bit of a wait so rang the emergency doctor. They said we had to go there as soon as we could.
We got there just after 7 and the doctor wrote a prescription for antibiotics and piriton.

Charlie (other half) then had to drive to fetch the medicine, he didn't get back until after 9pm as the emergency chemist is miles away and there were tailbacks.

What a night!! lol There we were, decorating the bathroom when suddenly everything went crazy!! lol
Anyway, the line has pretty much gone now and apart from the medicine tasting foul and needing to be taken on an empty stomach 4 times aday-everything's fine :-)

Now on to the good news.

Tuesday we went to a lady's house just to have a look at her hens.
We had a long walk in the burning sun but it was worth it. The lady was really nice. The kids had a whale of a time and we picked out two new girls and a...................................................................................................................................................BOY :-)

I would like you to meet Pearl, Tallulah and Kevin the cockerel :-)

Pearl is tiny (about the size of a wood pigeon). She is almost pure white and her breed is Sumatra. She has black skin and black bones apparently . lol

Tallulah is a complete mongrel. She is white with some black and some brown feathers. She has feathers growing on her legs and a funny little comb called a pea comb.

Kev-well what can I say?? He is a handsome, chilled out little man.
The first morning he crowed at 5.30am. Made one neighbour very unhappy!! Since then he has been sleeping in the shed at night in a cat box. So far so good and even though he started crowing yesterday at 7am, it was pretty muffled and not too loud.
Fingers crossed I can keep him quite in the mornings as I don't want people getting the hump with him :-) Kev is a partridge booted bantam cockerel by the way.
The old girls are not totally impressed with the new arrivals. Jasmine especially is being a nasty girl.
Pearl manages to get out of Jasmines way but poor Tallulah lacks the necessary co-ordination to fly out of the way and ends up catching her comb on the wire of the run (making it bleed) and Jasmine pecks and pecks and pecks her. Poor baby.

They will get there in the end-it just takes time :-)

Kevin the cockerel is named after my Dad who passed away on May 20th 2007.

As a family we think it's funny and know that my Dad would have loved having the cockerel named after him. People may think we are mad and guess what? They'd be right!! lol
There are many similarities between Kev (my Dad) and Kev the cockerel.

I will keep you all updated.
Ttfn and have a great day :-)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rose (chicken) and Suggs (cat) not well :-(

Good morning.
Well first of all Suggs-
Suggs is 12 years old and has recently been loosing weight and drinking tons.
I took him to the vets and they done some blood tests and a urine sample (Costing me £147.00)!!!!!!! to see if he had a kidney problem or some other illness.
The vet rang me that night to say that his bloods and urine sample had come back 100% normal, in fact better than normal. By rights he should be a picture of health!
So, now there is nothing I can do. I have to take him back to the vets in 4 weeks to be weighed but that's about it.
Very worried as my Mum's cat Vinnie was recently put to sleep due to kidney failure. He too had normal blood test results (twice) but just kept going down hill. They couldn't find anything wrong with him until it got to the point that his kidneys packed up altogether.  I am now worried that the same might happen to Suggsy too. Seems a bit weird how Vinnie was loosing weight but bloods were perfect and now the same is happening to Suggs. Whatever it is, it's definitely not contagious though because neither of my other cats have it and nor did my Mums other cats.
Can only keep my fingers crossed that he will be ok.
Now Rose.
Mmm, Rose is really not right now. Just old age though, I'm pretty certain. She is looking tired.
She doses off every couple of minutes, isn't eating much, isn't her usual happy self and has stopped laying.
On Thursday she had a soft shelled egg burst inside her and I had the delightful job of removing the empty soft shell from her vent. (Bum). Yummy!!  lol
She does not seem in pain just very tired. I am making sure that she is comfortable and I'm separating her from the others at night just in case she died in the night and the others had a peck. I don't think I could cope very easily with  waking up to her dead and pecked so she is sleeping in a cat box now at night.
Can't believe how upset I feel about it all. Poor poor Rose. If she shows any signs of pain or suffering I will of course get her put to sleep however right now I think she is happier in her home with her friends.
As for Suggs, he is acting fine at the mo so until he acts unwell, I can't do anything at all.
Pets-who'd have 'em????????  lol
Will keep you updated and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they are both fine :-)

Thanks for reading, have a good day.


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