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We are a home educating family and we live in Essex. We took our six year old daughter (now 10) out of school September 2005. Our son is 4 years old and will also not being going to school at any point!! This blog was originally started to talk about what we do as a home ed family but over time it has just turned into a general blog which includes our pets, our family and our everyday lives. I guess our home education journey is just us living our lives anyway. If you have any questions or comments please email me at xscrunchee@aol.com

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tallulah is leaving home today

Well, good news really.
I managed to contact the breeder yesterday and she has said that she will take Tallulah back and he will end up going to a poultry auction.
So-I am thrilled that it is sorted, happy that he will end up at an auction rather than on someone's plate, grateful that I managed to get hold of the breeder and she will take him back yet I cannot help still feeling gutted that he is going.
Yesterday morning he really went to town trying to crow. It was still not a full crow but boy it was loud. I know that the miserable people round here would not tolerate hearing him for long. I just wish I didn't live here then it wouldn't have been a problem and we could have kept our much loved pet.
Anyway-I am pleased that it is all sorted and no doubt a few tears will be shed this afternoon as I put him in a box and have to say goodbye. He has been a brilliant bird and will truly be very missed by us all.
I wish for him a long and happy life wherever he may end up and I pray that he brings as much joy to his new owners as he has bought to us.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tallulah tried to crow :-(

First of all- Hello Pat, Hello Dawniy   I hope that you are both well. I will have to email you's as I have not been very good at staying in touch lately have I?
Anyway, Tallulah has now tried to crow. Sounded like someone blowing a party blower :-(  This is very often how they sound before they find their voice.
I couldn't be any more upset to be honest. Not what I wanted to happen and I haven't won the lottery yet so I am in a rubbish position and he is gonna have to go.
I am unsure with Pearl and agree with you Dawniy that the darker days could very well be delaying her laying so providing she doesn't crow-maybe eggs in the spring :-)
Tallulah however is 100% a boy.  I can't get hold of the lady I got her/him from and I'm hoping that she is not away for half term as I'm not convinced that I can manage for a whole week because at any point now he could start crowing at 4am.
The neighbours one side hate Kev and are not very happy with me despite the fact that I keep him in until 8am weekdays and 9am weekends. He hardly crows throughout the day but still they just have the right hump about it.
Shame really because other people around here have commented on how much they love to hear him.
Soooo-now waiting to hear back from the breeder. Have my fingers crossed that she will contact me today.
What a sad thing to happen. Why have the lottery people picked out the wrong balls yet again??
Had they got it right and picked my numbers-I wouldn't care less that she is a he to be honest. I would have a house with a nice bit of land and he would have his own run with his own flock of girls and could crow till his heart was content but alas, I'm stuck living here with neighbours in every direction. It's like living in a goldfish bowl.
If I haven't sorted anything out for him by Saturday-I just hope those Lotto people get it right and pick out my numbers for the sake of Tallulah. If notI'm gonna complain ;-)    lol

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Is Tallulah a cockerel?? :-(

Well I am getting increasingly worried that Tallulah may in fact be a cockerel and I am also not too sure about Pearl neither.
Pearl is not looking particularly male like however she still hasn't laid an egg and a couple of weeks ago she found a tasty worm on the grass and done a little cockerel dance-just like Kev does when he finds something yummy. My heart sank to be honest. Pearl is Emmie's hen and she carries her around and Pearl sleeps on her lap. Em would be devastated if we couldn't keep her.
I have been concerned over Tallulah for quite some time now too. My gut instinct tells me that she is definitely a boy. I am just praying that my instincts are wrong.
She is huge, has very large spurs growing on her legs, her neck feathers are long and sweeping and her feathers on her back near her tail are also becoming long too.
I have asked a couple of farms if they would take her if she is a he but so far no luck. They are already over run with cockerels and have no room for more.
I really don't know what to do. I have spoken to them both (Tallulah especially) and asked them not to crow until I have won the lottery and then they can crow as much as they like as I will be living somewhere much more rural and they can have their own pens with their own flock of girls.
I am now pretty much waiting for a crow or an egg from both of them.
Kev is great and Rose has really perked up after her big moult so all's good on that front.
Jasmine is still as nasty as ever and she and Brandee pretty much live together and not with the others as so far Jas is showing no signs of improvement :-(
So-now waiting to see what happens with Tallulah and Pearl. I pray every day that they will lay an egg and put my mind at rest although I really don't hold out much hope for Tallulah.
I may even end up having to have her put down if she crows. How sad is that?? If I cannot rehome her I will have no choice will I?
I cannot keep her as she will inevitably fight with Kev and kill him and the neighbours one side hate Kev crowing so I could no way keep two :-(
I feel so upset at the thought of it all and just wish that I knew for sure one way or the other.

Oh well-feel batter now I have got that off of my chest.  lol
I will of course keep you updated.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Groundhog day

Ooops, been a long time AGAIN!!!!   lol
Thought I'd pop on to say hi and to let you all know that everything's fine here with us.
Nothing interesting to report I'm afraid. Just the usual-looking after pets, kids, housework etc. It's like Groundhog day-that's why I forget to come on here. lol
Don't know what's worse, leaving the blog for months without posting or posting often but with nothing remotely interesting to say. 
I did join Yoville on Facebook for a while but have since stopped playing it as I was pretty shocked at how many mentally disturbed people go on there. LOL
I think I live quite a sheltered life (through choice) as I have encountered some real oddballs. Not just a little odd-I'd say 100% completely weird some of them. Not my cup of tea!!
I enjoyed the decorating the apartment part and the kids both used to watch and enjoy it however in the last couple of days I have decided that it is just too much for my poor old nerves. lol lol
Anyway, that's about it really. I really ought to try doing something exciting so that I can tell you all about it :-)
Take care and who knows when I'll be back    lol


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